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A little about me, I am 20 something, from London, I'm an Actress and Model, now studying with the Open University for a degree, all whilst trying to travel the world, eat great food and exercise regularly 



I want this blog to be a slight insight into the World of a girl, living in London, doing all things me, especially to hopefully inspire you not to give up when times are tough or things arn’t going great. I’ll also write about restaurant experiences and the times ahead, little gym tips and exercises, or the likes of breaking in my 3-year-old horse (because that will be eventful) and then as and when I get to venture out of London, I’ll speak about my adventures in the World, which, knowing my insatiable wanderlust, will be my favourite!

oh and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a good photo, so hopefully this blog will be just as colourful as it will insightful.

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