Ibiza - Baleric Island, Spain 2015

Ahh Ibiza... Ibiza has a special place in my heart, me and my best friend randomly decided to take a flight to Ibiza after 10 days in the South of France for my 20th birthday. We didn't really know what to expect but we fancied something new and new is just what we got. I had never been on a 'party' holiday before and I had heard there were picturesque parts of the island however we didn't get to those. We got caught up in the night life and enjoyed every second of it! We arrived in the evening and had plans to go to Cafe mambo to watch the sunset however we heard that Sweedish House Mafia were performing at the Ushuaia Towers and we literally couldn't miss it! That was a crazy night. The next day we went to Ocean Club, we went without having pre booked a bed but were super lucky to get one however I do reccomend you get a bed if you're planning to go as otherwise there really isn't anywhere to sit or leave your belongings etc. The day we went was a ministry of sound pool party and we literally ate sushi and partied all day and night and eventually left having been the last ones standing, got a cab ad went back to our hotel, the Hotel Mare Nostrum which is on the Playa Den Bossa side of the Island, it was a clean well situated hotel with easy access to everything and only a short cab drive to other parts. The day after we just decided to chill on Bora Bora beach as we had tickets for Gorgon City at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel , I wasn't feeling very well this night so I didn't really enjoy myself which was so frustrating :( we left early but ended up going to Space club as the clock struck 12 and it was my birthday, it was a Glitterbox event and we had so much fun but again, I was still feeling pretty poorly and we had plans for the next day so left and got a relatively early night (for Ibiza standards anyways) to recharge for my birthday woowoo! That morning we woke up feeling alot fresher then we did the night before; we are going to Blue Marlin for my birthday lunch yayyyy! honestly, Blue Marlin was the highlight of our holiday, it was the nicest beach club we'd been to since being there and we felt so special walking in as they treat you so well from start to finish. We started with a sangria to share and then sat at our table over looking their secluded little beach, the menu had my mouth watering but we both went for a black spaghetti and lobster, it is still one of my top 5 favorite dishes, ever! We didn't get a bed there though because we already had Zoo Project tickets for the same day so kind of had to fit everything in, so rushed back to our hotel to get ready for a day/night party. I obviously came prepared and wore a leopard print bikini and put my hair into 2 little buns, it wws so fun to dress up! Got in a taxi and drove down to the Benimussa park, now I must admit, this was one of my favorite events of the whole holiday,it was basically loads of mini parties/raves in an abandoned zoo, like can you get much cooler? everyone rocks around covered in glitter having the best time, honestly was in my element, it's one of those places you don't feel the need to impress anyone but at the same time everyone was there to be seen! We literally stayed here until the bitter end and by the time it was freeeezing, left the park and got the first taxi back to the Hotel, the next couple of days we just chilled on Bora Bora beach and popped into jet as they were having a pool party but by this point we were exhausted and ready to go home.