St. Tropez - South of France

The South of France has a special place in my heart, it's a place I've visited around 5 times and each time feels better than the last. St. Tropez is one of those places that just oozes elegance and class. The first time I went to the south was when I was around 7 or 8 years old, I went to Monte Carlo with my parents for a Wedding, that is probably one of my earliest memories that I can recall seamlessly because I remember everything just being so perfect. We flew to Nice and took a helicopter to Monaco where our hotel was, I remember my mum and her friends taking me shopping and that's where I first fell in love with Ted baker, the irony! Anyway, the next time I visited the South of France was when I was 12, I had been around France on a school trip prior to this but I can't remember all that much other then visiting the Louvre in Paris and really wanting to watch the Davinci Code. So back to St. Tropez, my first visit here was a complete fluke, my dad and I decided one night to spontaneously go to Paris, so we booked a 1 way ticket on the Euro star for that morning. We spent a few days roaming around Paris, eating great food, 1 of the restaurants being Le Galopin, still standing as one of my favourite restaurants in the World! We acted as tourists and went to museums and watched the Eiffel Tower sparkle at night fall and of course spent a day in Disney. Unfortunately the weather was horrendous and raining and cold and because we had just taken off, we hadn't packed any clothing, as naturally, going to Paris you want to travel light so you can experience the fashion capital to it's fullest and go home with a full suitcase. But we didn't want to go home just yet, it had only been 4 days or so but I had remembered my friend Emily, from school, her parents had a place in The South of France and remembered around this time that she'd be there, so I called her and they invited us over, so that's just what we did! Jumped on a train and looked for a hotel, we found this beautiful boutique hotel just behind St. Tropez port called Le Yaca it was stunning throughout, we spent another 6 days or so here, Emily's family took us on their boat and we explored this side of the island and it was just the most surreal experience ever. But it soon came to home time, Now i've spoken so much about this trip because it really was just so out of the ordinary, we drove to Toulon only to find there were no trains back to Paris so we ended up getting on a night train to Brussels, it's so sad because I had dropped my phone in the port at Toulon so all of our photos from this trip have gone forever so I'm genuinely left with only the fondest memories.. back to the night train, now that was an experience and a half, I couldn't even begin to tell you what it was like but I really did feel like I was in an old film with slight twists of left over pizza in tin foil and pretty pink pj's my daddy bought me in Paris... We eventually got to Brussels where we got a connecting train back to London and the dream was over. But that's where my thirst to go back again began! I didn't end up going back for a little while as over the next few years my parents took me to other places but when I was 18 I then went back with Emily and some of our other friends for a weekend, this was so much fun and we just spent the days on the port or in Saint Maxine where there is a little canal and a nice beach and some really cute restaurants. Then in 2015 Emily and I went back and stayed at her parents place but this time was a little different; her brother and his partner were out there at the same time and they got a car so we went for an adventure! We started at the Castellane ,  I think it's about 2 hours North of where we were staying in Saint Maxime and we drove the whole way there and my Gosh was it the most amazing road trip, we listened to lil Wayne pretty much the whole time, it was so funny! We stayed in these little caravans and went for a hike that evening then the next day we drove down to Gorges du Verdon, it was the most beautiful fresh water lake I think you'll ever see in this part of the World, jumped on a pedlo and went for a little ride around, the water was honestly the most breath taking blue, and literally did take your breath away when you jumped in as it was freeeeezing! The scenery though, you would never believe you were still in France! This was probably one of my favourite days in my whole life! We then went for a drive to the nearest town, grabbed some food and jumped back in the car to go and find a good view for the sunset and we sat on the roof and ate our own made baguettes watching the sunset, it was something special! The next day we drove down to this little pocket of paradise called Sillans la Cascade and honestly, I've never witnessed anything so stunning, it was like a mini rain forest in the middle of absolutly nowhere and you feel like you should feel privalaged to have found it, seriously, if ever you're in the South of France, wherever you are, be it 2 hours or 2 days away, take the trip, it's so, so worth it! (who needs Thailand) ha!! After exploring for a few hours we were absolutely exhausted so drove into Moustiers st Marie, which had a gorgeous little picturesque town and again, grabbed some food and went back to our little caravan and played the night away with a bottle of red and cards against humanity, it was just the dream. There was loads throughout this journey I haven't mentioned like the little towns we visited and the long windy roads around mountains at 80mph with unreal views, but I feel I've just gone on and on, but I can't emphasise how much I adore this part of the World! The next day we drove back to St. Tropez and we went to a place called The Rasta Forest after dinner, it was the coolest little place, everyone were just crazy potheads chilling listening to live reggae, it was super chill, you can't even imagine! As I write this, I feel like it was all a dream like it can't all have been here, but it was, it really was and it was just the best holiday ever! Our last couple of nights were spent in St. Tropez port eating Thai food and partying the nights away after 1 too many shots before leaving the house then we drove all the way to Marseille to catch our flight to Ibiza!