Amsterdam - Netherlands

Amsterdam is a city I'd love to go back to, my experience there was different to the normal tourist as I was staying with friends that lived in Almere which was about a 45 minute drive to the capital. The night we landed at Schiphol airport, my friend's boyfriend picked us up and we drove into the city, we spent our first evening in the Sky Lounge we got a massive cocktail in a skull shaped glass, we stayed there a while and took loads of photos looking over the pretty night  lights of the city then we decided to go and find bikes and go for a ride around the canals, don't ask me where I got my energy from but it was so much fun! The nest day we got a train from Almere's local train station and that took us straight into Amsterdam's centraal station which was pretty cool, it's such a beautiful building and a great start to the day! We spent the whole day wondering around the shops and I tried some of their traditinal food, you literally can get a hot sausage type thing out of a vending machine, like whaaaat! It tasted kinda gross but it was cool haha. We strolled through the red light district and ended up finding a little coffee shop called Resin , it was literally the coolest little cafe ever, lit up by neon green lights and there was a swing right in he middle, we did what everyone does in a coffee shop in Amsterdam, I guess I don't need to go into the details just use your imagination ;) after that we again was just aimlessly wondering and I found myself in a tattoo parlor and bagged myself my 7th piercing.. as you do, nothing special just a second hole on my right lobe but least that's my Amsterdam hole hahaha! That was my lot in Amsterdam, I really anted to go into the Anne Frank Museum and check out a sex show but my friends were not all that kean, also missed out on the Supper Club which I was gutted about so if I go back, they are 100% on my to do list. The next 2 days were super chilled, we stayed in Almere and played Netherlands monopoly and ate pesto pasta and we went to a lovely little cafe on the local canal which was so beaut as the sun was out, called 100 Eten and Drinken, I don't think it has a website unfortunately but I doub't you'll venture that far out if you're on a city break but it was so lovely, people that had boats could literally just dock there and walk in and sit down for a spot of lunch or a drink, that was a little pocket of pleasure that I'm glad I got the chance to go to. And that's all I have to report really, oh and not to mention I had half my hair dyed blonde at 1 point in Almere, it was pretty spontanious but I LOVED it, it's not blonde any more though, sad times!