Budapest - Hungary

Ben and I traveled to Budapest in November 2016 for our anniversary, Ben wasn't all that keen but I wanted too go so bad, so we did, we booked and went. We stayed at the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus , it was situated perfectly for pretty much anything as a walk away from their main shopping street and the markets and Chain Bridge. Not only that, it is the host hotel for Nobu, and obviously we had to eat there; it was a beautifully presented hotel, stunning lay out and the staff were more than happy to accommodate, I'd stay again. Our first day we decided to go out and explore what was around us, we came across all the cute little Christmas markets and I tried a chimney cake which reminded me so much of the cinnamon roll I had in Krakow. It was just as cold as Poland as well, what with November snow, we didn't really know to expect that however came much better equip for it. As my main coat I took my vintage arctic fox, I don't agree with new fur but old fur, there's something so elegant about it, anyways my view is, each to their own so please don't hate me for wearing fur/leather/suede etc, sometimes it just can't be helped! Through our wonders we can across loads of restaurants we were itching to try, so the first evening we went to a little Italian we'd found but the que was out the door so we put our names on the waiting list and decided to head to Buddha Bar for a drink, Ben was dying to try the beer so I got my self a 'Fire B' cocktail which literally came with a passion fruit with a flame, I don't recommend it, it looked far better than it tasted! We finished up there and went for our dinner, the pizza was sooo good and the wine was even better! Over the next couple of days we just spent time walking around, we walked over Chain Bridge to Buda and went to the massive indoor market the have in the center, we basically spent most our time walking and eating olives and dried sausages, that same day we watched the changing of the guards at their parliament, that was pretty cool!  We did however come accorss this lovely little chain restaurant called The Hummus Bar, I think we ate here 3 out of the 4 days we were here because it was just so damn good, with chicken and hummus and flat bread and dinky little falafel balls and ohhhhh I'd go back just for the Hummus Bar! One evening we ventured out to see what the night life had to offer and we stumbled across this crazy pub which we found out was called a Szimpler Kert, which translates into Ruin or something like that, it was completely derelict but covered in graffiti and each room or section was completely different but weird and wonderful in it's own way, I think you have to be crazy high or drunk to really get the feel for it though so we had one drink and carried on our little mooch, went in a few more bars and decided we'd had enough, it was freezing! On the evening of our Anniversary we ate at Nobu and as always, lived up to expectation, we god loads of little bits to share, mainly sushi and washed it down with a lychee martini each, it was to die for! On our last day we decided to go for tea at the Ritz and ended up having tea at the 4 seasons aswell just because it was literally one of the most beautiful hotels we'd seen, especially in Budapest! then we headed back to our hotel and spent the afternoon in the spa before packing and leaving to head home. All in all, I'm so happy I got to go to this wonderful little city, it was clean and well kept and the architecture was stunning. I didn't get to do everything I wanted to, like the out door day spa because it was really the wrong time of year however we got to see a lot of the charm of Budapest and if I go back I know for sure the other things I'd like to experience, I'll see you again Budapest, one day.