Dubai - UAE

When I was in primary school one of my best friends went to Dubai every year with her parents and it was always somewhere I dreamed of, she'd come back and tell us all these amazing stories and places she'd been but it wasn't somewhere my parents ever wanted to go so I never got to go until May last year (2016) my secondary school best friend, Emily, who I went to St. Tropez and Ibiza with (if you havn't read those posts then you so should) called me up randomly in the middle of April telling me she'd found a great deal to Dubai and that we were going, before I knew it, the package was booked and we had 3 weeks to prepare our holiday, it was crazzzy! We flew Emirates to Dubai and was picked up on the otherside as part of our deal and was driven t our hotel, we stayed on the Jumeirah Beach at Mina A'Salam hotel. it was honestly one of the most beautiful hotel's I'd ever been to, so grand and traditional! We spent the first day exploring the hotel and went down to the beach while we waited for our room. We found the little boats that take you through Little Italy and around the Madinat, that was such a great start to the holiday then jumped on a little golf buggy that takes you around the whole resort for free and went down to the Cove Beach for a spot of lunch because after all that travelling, we were starving! That night we had a reservation at the Al Mahara which is at the bottom of the Burj Al Arab, the only 7 star hotel in the whole world. So we got ready in our hotel room and jumped on a buggy to the Burj Al Arab , we pulled up and honestly, it is the most breathtakingly beautiful building inside and out, the architecture and detail in everything was to die for! We had to go up an escalator to get a lift down to the restaurant which was basically tables surrounding a gigantic aquarium, it was phenomenal, the best scenery one could ask for for their first night in Dubai. Our 2nd day we spent at Zero Gravity it's a really posey place but the food and and fruit platter were worth going for and thy serve their Pina Colada's in a pineapple which just made my day! That evening we ate at one of the restaurants at our resort because we wanted to go to the Bar 360 which was apart of the Jumeirah Beach, we managed to get in despite only being 20 at the time, oops! That was fun, we got sparkling wine and shisha and the music was old school R&B, we were literally loving life! We ended up leaving around 1 and went back for a good nights sleep before Nikki Beach the next day, I think Nikki was my favorite day, the venue in general was traditional Nikki Beach style, the music was good, there was a nice crowd and a great atmosphere and the music was perfect, it was kind of like subtle house music which I don't normally enjoy but for some reason was just so appropriate! I spent the day on an inflatable flamingo and genuinely didn't want to leave!!! But we had to :( the party came to an end and we headed back to get ready for dinner! We'd booked to go to the Buddha Bar , I'd been wanting to go to the one in London for some time so it was only right we tried it our in Dubai, the restaurant itself was amazing, so well decorated I felt like I was in Memoirs of Geisha! The food was unreal aswell and the service was great, but to be honest, all the service throughout my experience in Dubai was 2nd to none and that is one thing I will say has beaten anywhere else I've been. We had dinner then went to the bar upstairs for a couple of drinks before heading home. the next day we just chilled at our hotel pool, we'd hit is pretty hard and had dinner reservations at Zuma that night so thought it were only right we had a chill day which was perfect and always needed or else a holiday really doesn't feel like a holiday. Off to Zuma we went, again, another restaurant I'd been wanting to go to in London in forever since Roka is one of my favorite restaurants ever!! But now I've been to the one in Dubai I'm not sure if London's branch will compare! The design of the restaurant was so sleek and cool, was absolutely freezing so our waitress gave me a pashmina bless her, we had sushi and black cod and i could have died and been happy right in that moment omg! After our meal we headed to the Burj Khalifa to watch the fountain show, because who doesn't do that when they're in Dubai? The Burj was sparkling, it's actually such a stunning building, before seeing it for myself I did think it was overrated but being the tallest building in the world, it's pretty damn cool! Not to mention the fountains, the show was so fun to watch, definitely worth going to for sure. We had a little wonder around the mall afterwards. The next day was our last full day and we had tickets to the Atlantis Aquarium and Waterpark, the waterpark was soooo much fun and the Aquarium was absolutely out of this world, honestly, theres not much I can write because it's just somewhere everyone should go and experience! That same night, our last night in Dubai we stayed on the Palm and went to Nobu in the Atlantis, Japanese being my favorite food it was only right we had the last supper here. Surprisingly though it wasn't busy at all and I wasn't feeling 100% after the water park which was so annoying so I didn't really eat much either, but the experience was nice, again the waiters were lovely and helpful and couldn't put themselves out more. Our last morning we just spent on the beach, we were ready to go home, it was a crazy 5 days in a whole different World and I wouldn't rush back in a heartbeat but I''m so happy I've had the chance to go and see and do all the things I did. If a city on the beach is what you're after, get yourself to Dubai.