Fat Turk - Brentwood, Essex

Ahh the Fat Turk in Brentwood, the reason Ben and I met so naturally has a massive place in my heart! I went here for the first time when it had just opened with my friend Emily, we just decided one evening to go because we were hungry and couldn't be bothered to cook, little did I know that I'd be spending a lot more time here and becoming close with the owners, oh how things change in a matter of hours! So as always we started this first occasion with hummus and tziki and bread to dip, we had a couple of the F-tini cocktails and ordered chicken sheesh with rice for our mains, the meal was delicious. The interior of the Fat Turk is stunning, everything has been crafted and chosen so perfectly for the ambiance and the open kitchen gives the restaurant such an authentic touch. The next few times I have been to this lovely little pub turned fine diner has been the last 2 new years eve parties they have held! We'd start in their private dining area on a table for around 20/30 people, maybe more, I've never counted and we'd have a massive Turkish feast! The food is always what you'd expect for the money you're paying and the cocktails never fail! then the tables would be cleared and the doors opened and evening would turn to morning so quickly in their upstairs bar area with a live singer to bring in your new year! However this luxury is also available most Friday and Saturday evenings aswell if you wanted a little boogie after your dinner.