Hakkasan - Mayfair, London

I have been lucky enough to dine at both Hakkasan restaurants in London, the first time I went was with a girlfriend, we had a catch up over dinner and cocktails, I couldn't tell you what I ordered because it feels like a life time ago but I'm sure it was along the lines of dumplings and noodles or some sort? The next time was for Valentines day 2016, Ben and I went with Ben's brother and his girlfriend for their Dim Sum Sunday's, it's a set menu with flowing wine and they just serve you whats pretty much shown on the menu. It's a hard one because being such a fussy eater I was so wary, however from what I did try, after Ben had a little nibble first, I genuinely enjoyed everything! I'm such a fan of Japanese food that it would be weird if I didn't but obviously I love the choice of food rather then the choice being made for me, so in this sense, I wish I'd gone for a la carte but the chance to try new things never goes a miss. Now onto the interior of the restaurant, as soon as you walk in you feel as though you're transported to an old Japanese time warp, it's so authentic you could be in the memoirs of Gaisha, no joke! It's dark and everything is set out in rows, as if you'd could only walk in straight lines and when we went the walls were covered in hanging written notes from guests that had eaten there and making a wish, much like the 'Tanabata' it was so lovely and I'm still hoping my wish comes true.