The Maldives


The Maldives is a place full of millions of magical mini islands, basically paradise on earth. It's a hard one to write about because there are so many Islands and I've only experienced 1 of them and I can imagine each one has it's own beautifully natural charm. But I'll tell you about my time there and how it's made me moreish to go back. We stayed at the Sheraton Full Moon Resort and Spa on the Furanafushi Island. I was skeptical at first when Ben had booked 2 weeks here because 1, I knew we'd be on an Island and you either leave loving each other or hating each other - there is no in between! And 2, an Island you can walk in less then 20 minutes, I was sure to get bored! However, quite the opposite! Having had my Padi Scuba Diving license since the age of 12, of course this had my adrenaline going at the thought of diving with sharks and turtles in the middle of the Indian ocean but not only that the resort had so many water sports on offer! We originally had a beach bungalow booked and spent a couple of days relaxing a snorkeling out the front of the villa as you literally could walk straight onto the beach but being in the Maldives on this stunning white sand Island had us itching for a Sea Bungalow so after 1 boozy night in the members club we took a stroll down to the reception desk and booked ourselves 2 nights in their presidential only to have a problem with our jacuzzi center piece and they gave us another night FREE! It was the biggest and only one on the Island and my god, we spent 3 marvelous days in that villa refusing to leave only to climb down the ladder to explore the waters beneath us! It was huge, like ginormous, enough for a family of at least 5, having a separate living area and 2 balconies connected with an infinity Jacuzzi all to ourselves, I honestly could live there, I'd still be there now if I could!!!! On our last morning of villa 001, we took our usual stroll down for breakfast, only to be greeted in the lobby by one of the hosts to tell us that they had complimentary upgraded us from the beach bungalow to another sea bungalow which seriously left us the happiest couple ever! Not that we didn't want to go back to the beach bungalow but what a touch? Luck couldn't get any better! So we had our breakfast and went back to pack all of our stuff so it could be collected and moved to our new little suite. Ben and I both agreed that this bungalow was our fave, it was so modernly decorated and the perfect size, not to mention the bath looking over the water, nothing quite compares to a bubble bath watching the sun sink into the indian ocean with a glass of red in hand. We spent most days sunbathing and reading or in the water snorkeling seeing which fish we'd see that day but we did have some adventures otherwise, naturally it was only right we went scuba diving, after I begged Ben to get his padi license before we went, he absolutely loved it which made me love him even more! And another day we went for a jet ski drive with one of the extreme Maldives guys, that was absolutely crazy!! 80mhp across a choppy ocean with no land in view, not sure if I'll do that again but the best experience with quite literally, my best friend! And most nights were spent in the club lounge at the end of the island, with their cocktail happy hour setting us up for most nights! Not to mention the restaurants at the resort were to die for, we were half board already so we did go to the buffet dinners most nights but we tried the other restaurants too! There were 2, 1 was a Chinese restaurant which we went to once and the other was a fresh fish restaurant called Sea Salt, it was dreamy, we ate here twice, as you walk in there was a massive fish tank with giant fish and lobsters and crabs you could chose to be cooked for your dinner, I couldn't personally chose but Ben got a kick out of it and tbh he chose me some tasty lobsters. We ate our cooked fresh sea food, candle lit literally on top of the ocean, watching the sharks swim under and around you, it was honestly the most beautiful, amazing, romantic, perfect restaurant I've ever been to and if anything, 1 reason I'd go back to this lovely little island. All in All, the Maldives left me more in love with Ben than ever, I was relaxed, happy and stupidly tanned and it was truly the most amazing definition of holiday I've ever had, although I would have liked to had saved it for our honey moon, I couldn't be happier I got to experience it already!