New York - USA

You've got to be a part of it, NEW YORK, NEW YORK... Oh where do I start with this sleepless city? My mumma took me here for my 21st birthday last July, my birthday falls on the 4th july so it was only right we went to New York to celebrate. We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria , I really wanted to stay at the Park Plaza but they were fully booked for the holidays by the time we decided to go! But the Waldorf was by far the perfect choice, its grandly designed and what you'd expect from a New York Hotel! .. We started by going to Magnolia's bakery in Greenwich, infamous for being the best cupcakes in the World and obviously because of Sex and the City. I'm not going to write a running commentary of every step I took, but I'll give a list of places I visited and a little about what we did, New York is a city that everyone will experience differently no matter how much you say it in your own words, one just has to go for themselves! So like I said, we started our adventure at Magnolia's, I got a red velvet, coz they're my fave, we then found a litle pizza place not too far down and had dinner there, I can't remember what it was called sorry. The next day was my birthday so me and my mumma took a walk down to Grand Central Station , I had an old 5s iphone so as a birthday present my mum bought me the rose gold SE iphone, it was love! We then settled our hunger and opted for a safe Shake Shack lunch. That night we had a rover cruise booked to watch the fireworks from the Hudson River, we'd pre booked VIP tickets aboard this boat which entitled us to unlimited booze and canape's and honestly, it was the most amazing way to celebrate my 21st birthday! The fire work show was the dream and being right under it was something beyond special! On our 2nd full day we spent the day doing what everyone is entitled to in New York and that was SHOPPING, and we did, we shopped and we dropped, between us we left Saks on 5th Avenue and Bloomingdales a stupid amount of $$$'s down and with, I think 8 pairs of shoes? No joke, it actually makes me feel a little sick remembering it haha! We ate in a little burger joint on a corner for dinner that eve as we were so pooped, we walked back to our hotel and literally passed out untill the next morning! This day we went for an adventure, we tried out the subway and found ourselves in Soho and then back again, then we wandered up to Central Park and ate lunch at the St. Andre Cafe before making a deal with the rickshaw guys to give us a tour of Central Park, it was so much fun, the tour is actually so insightful and more is filmed there then you think! We got dropped off at The Natural History Museum which was top on my to do list since the NHM in London is one of my all time favorite things to do in London, not to mention the Night in The Museum movies!!! We lost track of time getting lost in there that we hadn't even seen it all by closing time! We headed back to our hotel to get ready for dinner that i had pre booked for that evening at STK the original, the first one in the World! STK in the Meatpacking district! I wanted to go here because I absolutely love STK in London, so was only right and in all honesty the only restaurant we'd planned to go, everywhere else we pretty much wanted to just find along the way! I must admit though, it lived up to expectation! they couldn't be happier to move us from the restaurant to the rooftop for our meal and we happy with every request, the food was to die for and maybe just a bit better then London! SO happy we did go there. We left STK and went for a wonder and found ourselves in another roof top bar having a little party until we were totally exhausted and jumped in a yellow taxi back to our hotel. The next day we decided to be a little touristy, we went for brunch at the Rockefella Center to set us up for the day, we walked to The Empire State building and eyes up probably everything in Tiffany and then we decided to go to Ground Zero, we didn't plan this before our trip but oh my, it's a good thing we went, there is so much history and emotion here and when I say it's a feeling you can't even describe, you literally can't imagine the aura unless you go for yourself! It's truly moving. Again we tried the subway back and we took a little trip to The American Girl Doll Store, we had to go here, having been a little girl that went to Chicago a number of times growing up, most of my childhood was spent either obsessing over these dolls in stores or on the websites making lists for my dad to bring me home either the latest doll or outfit or collection or whatever it might have been at the time and going to the NYC store, although not the same as Chicago, it was so nostalgic and bought back the happiest memories! Our last day, well yeah day, our flight was that night, we went for breakfast at The River Cafe , I'd heard about this before we came to New York and just had to visit; it's the cutest little cafe in Brooklyn right under the Brooklyn Bridge over looking the Hudson River and they served the most amazing traditional American breakfast you could only dream of! It was our lucky day as well because the sun came out for us, it was glorious. Probably one of the best experiences of New York was that little cafe, not only that but I asked for cream with my pancakes and they didn't have any so the chef hand made me a little pot full, hows that for customer service!? My mumma then decided she wanted to walk across Brooklyn Bridge so that's just what we did, it was bloody exhausting but the coolest thing slowly watching Manhattan come into focus, we walked off the bridge and into street performers and mini market stalls before finding a subway and catching the first line to Time Square, because, well, you can't go to NYC and not find yourself in Times Square but sadly we got a chance for a few photos and to soak up the ambiance before having to head back and get ready to leave for the airport. All in all, it was the most packed out and exhausting 6 days of my life but I'd do it all over again in a heart beat, New York, you have a part of me forever.