Novikov, Italian - London

Nov to the Kov, as I infamously captioned my photo on Instagram is one of those places I could quite happily go back to time and time again, I've only been once and I only went because Ben always went on about how good it was in there however he has only ever been to the Asian side, so I thought I'd try the Italian side, ironic, I know. The restaurant it's self is simple and sleek, walking in you know you're in for a well treated evening. We just started with the usual bread and butter option, with that came a lovely herbal dip, I can't even describe it and din't ask what it was called but it was so moorish! For my main, as you can see in my photos I went for lamb, I absolutely adore lamb and mint sauce so I didn't even think twice when I saw this on the menu! It was the Scottish lamb cutlets with new season tomatoes & mint sauce, if you wanted it find it on the menu. We didn't have a desert just washed the meal down with a porn-star martini and carried on our night in the bar lounge below the restaurant! I can't wait to go back and try the Asian side out!