Puerto Banus - Marbella, Spain

Ooo Ahh Marbella! Now Puerto Banus has a special place in my heart, my mother lived here before I was born so from a young age my parents took me here for a sun kissed week away every so often however I never fully appreciated it until I went with a friend a year or so ago. It's always been a party place, people start their summers there for the bank holiday and some never leave, it's an addictive little port side with so much charm. My mum and I went when I was 17 and I absolutely adored it, we went to beach clubs and spent the evenings eating at different restaurants on the port and losing the nights in Sinatra's one of Marbella's signature bars! I loved this holiday and it made me fall in love with is more and more.. the next time i went was when I had just turned 20, my mum came along aswell but this time my friend came and this is where I saw the nightlife properly! I wouldn't say Puerto Banus is the most Picturesque place, the beaches arn't amazing but the atmosphere makes you feel like you never want to leave and that's what I adore the most, the wanting to always go back just because! Marbella is one of those places that you go with events pre-planned and outfits to match, you can't really go on a wim and you have to be at all the best parties on all the right days otherwise you get serious FOMO! But I warn you, after a weekend here, you need a holiday! ha that's why we always go for 10 days, we have a crazy weekend then spend the rest of the week chilling on the beach with a daiquiri, ahh heaven! The port itself is back to back designer and you find yourself looking at thousands of pounds worth of clothing, bags or shoes at 3 O'Clock in the morning walking back to your hotel or apartment after a night in a club, you usually start with dinner somewhere, anywhere really, most the restaurant are lovely and then a drink in Sinatra's or News Cafe before you hit the clubs! Pangea is the most convenient being a roof top terrace above the port but most events happen at Aqwa Mist or  however my favorite has to be Cavalli Club ; they usually will hold some sort of event or party night and normally they will have a Love Juice event especially on a Bank Holiday weekend which will be included in package and table deals. It's by far the best night! So that's the nights sorted.. Most days I'd spend at Sala Beach Club, formally known as Buddha Beach, I've been going there since I was little and it never gets boring, it's perfectly placed on the beach and the have parties but they have chilled days with background music and the waves crashing just yards away, it's the ideal set up whether your 18 or 80, I absolutely love it! If that's not the type of thing you're looking for then just a few meters down the beach is the infamous Ocean Club, with white beds surrounding a pool, again, overlooking the Beach, they hold the most fantastic champagne spray parties and pool parties all summer long, it's not something you want to miss however don't go with a budget! The food in there is divine aswell but if you really want great authentic Spanish food then head over to Pedro's Beach which has bee long standing 1 of my favorite restaurants since forever! I always start with their prawn pill pill which is served on a sizzling hot plate and then divulge in the chicken skewers, literally my all time favorite and I go at least 3 times in 1 week when I'm there, literally obsessed! Also you have to check out Nikki Beach and Sisu Boutique, they both hold individual pool parties and sometimes day to night, Sisu has become infamous for holding the love juice events at their rooftop the last few years, so definitely worth going to, whereas Nikki is more chilled, it's a classy secluded beach club and their menu is unreal! Last but not least don't miss the unreal cocktails at Astral Cocktail Bar, it's a quirky little bar set upon a wooden boat with moving tables and the best music! It's the best place for pre drinks or even if you wanted to spend your evening there until it shut, you can't get bored with their menu! So yeah, I think that's pretty much a low down on all the fun things day and night to do if you wanted a weekend or a week or even a season in Marbella, they're my favourites anyways but I'm sure you'll find yours and feel that urge to go back year after year!