Restaurant Ours - Knightsbridge, London

This warehouse type restaurant is so unique in it's own way. As you walk through the main entrance you're taken from the street into a tunnel which feels like you're on you're very own runway. This leads you directly to the main desk where you're then shown to your table. The whole restaurant has a very rustic feel which makes you feel so relaxed in comparison to most Knightsbridge diners.  The trees enthralled with fairy lights and the simplistic tables are the perfect setting for a chilled evening with good food and good company. Not to mention the infamous flower wall that you pass to find the ladies/gents. We didn't have a starter but we for the linguine, it was shellfish but I asked just for lobster because I am a fusspot when I want to be! But I have to say it was a bloody good lobster linguine at that, the lobster itself was fresh and tasteful and the dressing complimented perfectly. My friend wasn't feeling too well so we cut the night short and headed home after a few dozen photos at the wall of flowers, which I'd say is the main attraction to this gorgeous little haven. We strutted down the entrance hall and went our separate ways but we were so happy with our meal and time at Ours, because whats mine is ours and whats yours is mine!