Santorini - Greek Islands

Santorini is one of the many Greek Islands, it oozes serenity and white washed houses overlooking the Mediterranean sea. I spent 2 weeks here a few years ago, which admittedly was far too long, I think I saw the whole Island twice over! Santorini has unusual black beaches due to a volcano eruption years ago, they are a gorgeous contrast to the clearest blue sea. There isn't specific things I can really tell you about this beautiful little islands, it's just somewhere you've got to go and get lost in, they have red beach which has a crazy dangerous terrain to get down but it's secluded by coved mountain walls, or Perissa beach which has the blackest sand and the length of the beach has restaurant after restaurant where you can grab a meal for 2 for around 10 Euros. We hired out a quad bike for 10 of the days so we took trips to Oia said like 'ear' and watched the sunset sitting on the roof of a town house and on other days we went to Thira where we wondered around trying all the foods they had to offer but most days we spent on Perissa beach with snorkeling gear swimming for hours on end, the water is so clear and quiet it makes for the perfect fish watching or at JoJo's beach club with a fruit platter of dreams and a cocktail. One evening we drove down to a lighthouse which sits on the tip on the island, we were told it was the best place to watch the sunset and honestly, it really was, it was stunning, overlooked the med and had clear views of the ocean for miles, I could have sat there for days, we watched the sun settling into the waves accompanied by a violinist. I wouldn't hurry back as I feel I have see everything this little paradise island has to offer however it has made me what to venture to the other Islands and I hope one day I get to do so..