Sheesh - Chigwell, Essex

Sheesh is one of my all time favorite Turkish restaurants, like ever! Turkish food being my take away of choice, I honestly couldn't recommend this place enough. They like to maintain a fine dining feel and prefer if you didn't book tables larger than 8, which I do think is silly but I see where they're coming from in terms of rowdy groups of guys/girls. However the lead up to the restaurant is something I love about it, they have their own private parking and valet service, which we don't really do over here in the UK! Then the lead up to the restaurant is beaut, with an out door seating area decorated with a vintage car, as soon as you see photos of people posing with it, you know where they are! Then once inside, they've kept the interior of the old pub that once stood but just absolutely done it up, with glass tables and taxidermy on the walls and plush quilted booth type chairs. Not to mention the presentation of their food, I've genuinely never had a bad experience at this restaurant and never had chicken as succulent as the meat they serve! When you arrive at the restaurant you're immediately shown upstairs to their bar and lounge area and on certain days they have live entertainment which again, is always top notch! Then you'd be led to your table and given a menu as per! Normally a meze style starter is what we'd go for with hummous and olives and tziki with flat bread and all the other gubbings you'd want! Then moving onto the main, a mix sheesh or shicken sheesh with rice is my all time first choice, the chicken is so creamy, I can't even describe it but its to die for! Then to finish I'll have strawberries with a whipped Amaretto cream on a biscuit base, the best desert ever, I may even go as far to say I prefer it over my sorbet i usually get at every other restaurant! Then if you have an evening meal but haven't quite finished your cocktails or glass of wine you're sure to be finishing your night off back in the upstairs bar singing and dancing the night away, it's one of those places that you can lose hours in!