Signor Sassi - Knightsbridge, Lodnon

Signor Sassi is one of London's most famous Italian restaurants, nestled behind Brompton Road in Knightsbridge, it's a tiny little fine diner. I went after work one evening with a friend when I worked in Harrods, it was a pretty off the cuff decision but a right decision at that. I mean, my meal wasn't all that adventurous but the penne pasta and cremebrulee were by far the best I'd had in a while (bar bordellos, my fave!) The presentation of the food was given so well for every course, there was no room for failure nor complaint. the decor of this lovely little restaurant beams the fact it's much loved with photos of the celebrities lining the walls. It oozes the feel of old Italian home with its compact and cosy table arrangements with all the atmosphere you'd expect from a little pocket like this. Infamous and Delicious.