STK - The Strand, London


STK is long standing one of my favorite places to eat. Steak being one of my fave foods, it's pretty self explanatory! at the bottom of the ME Hotel in London's Strand, the whole atmosphere is probably what makes people keep going back! You always start at the bar, they never sit you immediately and rightly so, the bar gets yoour night started and puts you in the right mood for the evening, if you book for a Friday or Saturday, make sure you get a later table as once you've finished your food, you can dance on the tables! I have been here a handful of times and always seem to go for the same meal, so I'll give a little run down, I always start with a pornstar martini, or a bellini, depending on what mood I'm in, then I'm always opting for the mini burgers for my meal starter, only without cheese as I'm sure you've noticed from other posts, I can be a little fussy! I then have to have to have to have a steak, a rib eye preferable, medium rare more to rare, always have to see a little blood (sorry if you're a veggie) and then normally I'll have a sorbet of some flavour! STK was a bit of a craze at one point and everyone would go and take their photos next to the bars in the ME hotel lobby and sit on the backs of the chairs and like i mentioned, danced on the tables but this was the done thing, you went to STK, not only because the food is on point but because you're guarenteed a good night with top service! If it's a girls night or a date night, you can't go wrong.