Sushi Samba - London

Sushi Samba is another sky scraper restaurant worth the visit. I visited in October of 2015, it was super busy even as a roof top bar but we were kept warm by mini coal fires smartly placed around the outdoor area. We hadn't booked a table but put ourselves on a waiting list so we just enjoyed the ambiance of the outdoor, even in the beginning of the winter, it was still pleasant so we decided to just get some bar snack and eat them outside. I was kindly given a complimentary cocktail from a waiter so major brownie points there! I can't remember exactly what we ordered but I know everything on the menu had my mouth watering, I want to go back so I can try loads more things, what with sushi being my favorite type of food! mmm... I believe this restaurant is open throughout the day and every evening so it's the perfectplace for sunrise and sunset, after work drinks or even a first date. The decoration is so pan Asian and suave. I absolutely loved it up there and the staircase is just picturesque along with the lit up tree in the middle of the bar. It's well worth the visit even if you just get a drink and admire the views it presents to you of the beautiful London skyline.