One Canada Square

If you're from London or have visited around April, you'll know that the London Marathon is one of our biggest events and takes over the whole city! I live in a little villagey type area town called Wapping and the marathon cuts us off to the rest of the World aha so every year we go up and watch it and cheer on the runners! However this year, my mumma and I decided to go for brunch and watch the marathon at the same time. We booked the bottomless brunch at One Canada Square over at Canary Wharf on the Isle of Dogs. The restaurant had floor to ceiling windows and it was right on top of the runners which was great. The interior was plush and contemporary and I loved how bright it was because of the windows. For a set menu brunch the food was actually really nice,I didn't have a started but my mum did which was pretty small but the mains and desert made up for it! I had the Crab and Chilli Linguine and it was just lovely, quite rich but lovely! Then to finish we shared a sticky toffee pudding, thinking it would soak up some of the mimosas.. it didn't but it tasted sooo good! The brunch is usually held on a Saturday but this was a one off for the marathon which I thought was such a good idea! Not only did we have endless supply of mimosas and prosseco and the option of red or white wine and Bloody Mary's and tastebud tickling food, we also had a live pianist from start to finish which just topped off the perfect experience! If brunching is your thing, book a Saturday here with your ladies!