Searcys, The Gherkin - London


The Searcy's bar at the top of The Gherkin is a members only sky-bar. It was the perfect setting for an impromptu city drink after work. We randomly decided to go as I recently got a new job and have wanted to go for a while so that's exactly what we did. The architecture and design of The Gherkin is simply stunning and the 360 panormaic views of London from this bar are somthing special, it's so sleek and you could literally lose hours up there walking and talking and drinking and dining. Ben and I have become quite the red wine connesoir and if ever we have a drink as of recent it'll always be red and in the shape of a wine glass, so we shared a bottle and chatted the night away about future prospects. What I loved about this place was as much as it is such a high end venue, it was super chilled at the same time and we didn't feel out of place or rushed in any way, we were just aloud to enjoy our evening. If you ever get the chance to take a trip to the top, then do, please do.