Scott's - Mayfair, London


Scott's in Mayfair was our restaurant of choice for Valentine's day just passed. We had been wanting to try it out for ages and thought this were the perfect destination for the occasion. Neither of us were drinking so we opted for still bottled water and I started with Octopus carpaccio with chilli, spring onion and coriander, it was the absolute dream and we shared the Roasted shellfish for two with garlic butter, lobster, scallops, langoustines and prawns, neither Ben or I are afraid of diving straight into sea food, infact I'd quite openly say it was our favorite so to be presented with this plate full of shellfish, lobster, crab etc.. we absolutely demolished any piece of meat left, the best meal by far that I've had in a while. the photo Ben took really doesn't do this plate justice, however, I do believe this is one meal that should be eaten for ones self! Scott's wasn't really the place we could take real good photos of every course, but I liked that about this restaurant, it wasn't flashy or obnoxious, it was classy and sophisticated and it felt as if we were pulled right back into the 20's of fine dining or just stepped into the set of a James Bond film; it was lovely, the whole experience from being greeted at the door 'till leaving.