On Tuesday the 20th of June I took a trip up to Norfolk to shoot for a holiday company called Hoseasons. I have shot for them a few times in the past so naturally I want to stay loyal to repeat work. But they are a great company to work for, I've been lucky enough now to have been to a 4th place I probably never would have travelled to before such as The Lake District, Keilder, The Peak District/Darwin and now to Brundle Bay in Norfolk! - I mean, that's pretty cool and these places have been absolutely stunning and I feel so lucky to have been able to not only go and visit them but get paid to do so!!! And I love photoshoots, I genuinely enjoy it and most the time they are completely natural, subtle makeup, natural hair, day light etc, just fun easy shoots. Norfolk in particular was lovely, we spent the day on a yacht in a place called Brundle Bay, it was scenic and beautiful, somewhere you wouldn't have thought was the UK. I recommend you checking out their website if you want a stunning holiday alternative then going abroad! http://www.hoseasons.co.uk/?gclid=CObG_qWR1NQCFde6Gwod7cELvQ&clickcd=50124&s_kwcid=AL!2504!3!80852338623!e!!g!!hoseasons&ef_id=WUzwFQAAAH3-ZgaF:20170623140435:s


And a cheeky heads up... please check out their sister company, Landal where I shot a champagne advert, watch it here....  http://www.landal.co.uk/