Sketch - Mayfair, London


I decided to go to Sketch in Mayfair because it had been on my list of places I'd wanted to go to since forever but never really had an occasion to do so and when I found out my oldest friend was coming to London, it just seemed right so I proposed Sketch to her and she jumped at the chance as it had also been a to do for her as well, so, perfect! Rachel and I have known each other form the age of 2 because our dad's worked together for a trading firm when we were little, we became friends so quickly as all occasions we'd spend together from birthdays to bonfire night to new years, you get the picture! Then my dad decided to send me to the same school as Rachel as it is one of the most renowned day schools for girls in London, and obviously he saw that as a good thing! However when it came to us progressing into secondary school, Rachel's parents decided to up and leave and go back to their home town of Chicago, Illinois in America! And don't get me wrong, Chicago has the biggest space in my heart for one of my favorite City's in the World, but to tear us apart was criminal! I haven't been to Chicago since the age of 10 so the only time I've managed to catch up with Rachel was over Instagram and texting or when she has come back to London every couple of years to visit family and friends! So i seized the opportunity to take her for Dinner, obviously in London's Mayfair and catch up on the amount our lives have changed since the last time we saw each other in 2014!!!! Now back to Sketch, The outside is situated on Conduit street just off regent street, it looks like your normal town house turned shop but apparently turned restaurant, the outside is covered in twigs and leaves and Ivy and you question whether you're in the right place? However upon entering this gorgeous decorated door you find yourself in a corridor covered in flowers and lights and it honestly is so special, the smell of the roses hits you like a bus, but a really nice, florarly delicate bus. then you walk down stairs and your transported into a whole new world, I genuinely felt like I was Alice in Wonderland, you walk through the Parlor where people can come for tea or cocktails and into the Gallery that honestly is so stunning! We sat in a quiet corner with the back drop being a wall covered in black and white cartoon drawings, it was special. The menu's were pop up and so clever with a knife and fork but it did make choice so difficult as the whole menu had my mouth watering! Neither of us had a starter and went straight for the main as we were so caught up chatting over our cocktails and catching up our time was ticking, so i decided to go for the Kent Lamb Fillet, it was to die for, the meat was so succulent and the sauce it was sat it complimented the dish so well! Rachel went for the Fish and Chips and she said it was dreamy to say the least! We then opted to share their selection of macaroons as in all honesty we were crazy full from the main! The macaroons were delish, cappuccino, salted caramel, raspberry and lemon, I don't really like coffee so I let Rachel have that as she said it was her fave and I opted for the salted caramel as it is a bit of a weakness for me and we split the other 2, it was just enough and the best way to end the meal before finding our way to the loo where again we were taken to a whole new experience of little egg pods and private toilets that had birds chirping, it was the strangest experience yet so, so satisfying! It has made me want to go back and try the other restaurants within the building!


p.s. make sure you play hopscotch as you leave..

Lauren Hennessy