Ibiza - Baleric Island, Spain - 2017

Ibiza has stolen my heart the 2nd time round, I saw a whole new side of this crazy little island and now I can't wait to go back! The first time (if you haven't read that post yet, click here) , was a little crazy, I mean not a 4 day drinking fest but we were pretty non stop and only say the likes of Playa den Bossa and San Antonio, which, don't get me wrong, are quaint beaches on a strip of beach clubs and restaurants however this time I went with family, well Ben's family, his parents and his 2 brothers and their girlfriends, it was the first family holiday with all of us and I genuinely couldn't wait! we stayed in a stunning villa in the mountains called Villa Grimaldi , it was quite literally the most unreal villa ever, I'd recommend anyone to stay there! The night we arrived in Ibiza we just went into the local little town near by for a quick bite before going to bed, I wish I could remember the name of this little cafe because it was just gorgeous, still buzzy at midnight and they served every meal with care and flavor, just a little gem i suppose we found on the off chance.

The next day we decided to have a chill day at the villa and really make use of this space we had for the next week. Down the bottom of the mountain where we were we discovered the restaurant Bambuddha Grove , this was such a quirky restaurant, Ben's brother and his girlfriend had been been before and they loved it so we booked a table and went that night. The food was fusion Asian and Mediterranean food, I went for the lamb massaman curry and we shared the majority of the food, it was all placed on a round swivel plate in the centre of our table and we could spin it and take what we wanted as and when. To start I had a mini burger and we had endless sushi to share between us, my fave!! *spoiler* as you walk to the toilets you find yourself in a little boudoir of sexual toys and garments... keep your eyes closed if you'd rather not take a peek! hahah.

Monday was another lounge day by the pool, soaking up as much sun as possible which then followed with a trip into the old town, we wondered around loads of little boutiques and shops before coming across the loveliest little restaurant called La Brasa it was stunning, like walking into a rain forest filled with fairy lights! I had a lobster and yes, it was perfect, a little different to how I've had it before but none the less, bloody tasty!

And on the third day... (ok if you got that thank god, if not, please watch Mean Girls!!!!) was a complete chilled day finished off with a BBQ on the porch and a catch up of Love Island, we had to!!

On Wednesday, we went back into old town to have a proper look around and a little shop and bite to eat before the highlight of the holiday was dinner at Lio's, honestly I can't say much about it other than GO, words can't describe how different and fun this place is, it's like a restaurant, bar, cabaret show and club all rolled into one over looking the port where millionaires yachts dock just to watch the show, it's absolutely incredible and well worth the trip to Ibiza (if you didn't do anything else) the food was amazing aswell but as you'd expect, the focus was on the entertainment and rightly so! However you must try the wagyu burger and the lobster, obviously! What I loved was when we had sat at our table, we got taught a flash mob that every so often would come on and the whole crowd would get up and dance the same moves, it was great! Then once the show had finished, we danced the night away until it was time to go home, I genuinely didn't want to leave, for once, I was ready to stay all night long!!!! 

Thursday was a little sad as the weather was a bit overcast but we kind of just chilled all day, read a bit etc and that night we went to KM5 , I'd never heard of it before but it is well worth going to if you love Japanese food. It had a bit of a mixture, I had sushi to start but we were all sharing and then a steak for mains, it was one of the best steak's I've had, I can't deny it washed down with a red wine. Throughout the meal we had a fashion show going on in the middle of the restaurant, it was so random and then by the end we'd had a magician give us a mini magic show, he was actually really good! A nice little touch to a civilised meal ha!

Our penultimate day was Friday, well, our last full day and night... we made the most of the villa before getting ready for an Ibiza Night! We'd booked a table at Ushuaia  to see Tinnie Tempah, it was one of the only things I'd reallllyyyyy wanted to see him as I hadn't got the chance the last time I was over here. and omg it was genuinely one of the best concerts/shows whatever you wanna call it. The supporting dj's were unreal, DJ Charlsey and DJ EZ, playing all the old school anthems and then Tinnie obviously just smashed it. It does make a difference having you're own little table and area when at a place like that because when it's so crowded you can feel squashed and claustrophobic which noone likes! especially where Ben's parent's came aswell, it was just the best night!!!! - the set finished at midnight but by this point we were already for a night out, an Ibiza night out! So we headed over to 'Hi' which was the club opposite Ushuaia, formerly Space. I don't know what to say about Hi, it's a pretty big club with loads of ways in and ways outs and doors here there and everywhere but the set was pretty sick but the music wasn't my cup of tea, it was house but what do you expect when in beefa? We did it right though, I don't remember too much but I remember leaving and it was day light and we'd partied the night away and I found myself on Bora Bora beach at 8 O'Clock in the morning watching the sunrise with my sissy (in law, to be, one day haha) and the boys before eventually heading back to the villa.

Our last day was spent on beach beds on the Playa Den Bossa side of the island to pass time before our flight home that eve. Ben and I walked the length of the beach and back and took a little dip in the sea before sleeping last night off for a couple of hours and heading to the airport..

This time around, Ibiza I truly fell in love with you, I saw a whole new side. Until next time, Ciao.