Nobu Hotel, Shoreditch - London


I finally lost my Nobu in London virginity!!! Are you proud? Ha. The restaurant itself kept with the simplicity theme throughout, much like the rest of the restaurants, this stream really focus on the food rather then décor which I feels gives such an authentic feel to the experience. As always, the food never disappoints, this time we went for a meze type meal in which we ordered a few different things and picked at them, unfortunately I can't get the menu up to tell you exactly what we had but I'll describe everything as best I can. I started with a lychee and elderflower martini and Ellie had a bloody Mary. Yellow tail sashimi with jalepino - this was to die for, I've never been keen on yellow tail but my God this was delicious! Wagyu tacos, which again, amazing! We decided to get a selection of sushi, California rolls etc, always a winner with me and we finished our meal with the bento desert box and cheesecake, which we shared both and were unbelievable. All in all, Nobu never disappoints and I'm so happy I finally experience a London location... now onto the rest of the world!!