Bangkok - Thailand

My first impression of Bangkok was obviously the airport, it was different to what I was expecting, I dunno, maybe ignorance but coming from London, you assume the East Asia is still a bit third world but it was far from that! the architecture was super modern and they had all the typical duty free shops, was in and out of customs and luggage collection pretty quick, all pretty normal really. I had pre booked a taxi to take me from the airport to my first hotel as I didn’t want to have any bad experiences on my First Day and for everything to run relatively smoothly, which, tbh it completely has! Happy days. The rep at the airport that had my name waiting was hilarious, I asked her if I had time to get a SIM card and she said yes, 10 mins so after I went back and she had disappeared so I went to the loo and bought a drink and changed some money up bla bla, went back and she was standing there waiting and was like come and flicked her hand above her head, strict!!! I always find different cultures mannerisms and behaviour so fascinating! So now sitting in the taxi I’m eager to get out and explore a little before meeting the group I’ll be spending the next 30 days with, this evening!

I got to the hotel and the check in was as easy as can be, checked my name off the list and a bell boy took my bag up to the room, he left with a wai (which is when they nod their head with their hands in the prayer position) and my day has begun.

I decided to go for a wonder and see what was near to the hotel, we were right next to the subway and train station so that was pretty cool, walked around lots of little shops and stalls and food stalls just scoping out what was near by without getting too lost. Bangkok is mental, there is no road etiquette and I genuinely thought I was gonna die before seeing the day through! And the streets are pretty standard, hustle and bustle, but a lot of mini food stalls selling sautéed sticks of something or other and coconuts!! After a little while I decided to go back to the hotel and get a massage, there was a massage parlour attached to the hotel so I thought what a better way to unwind after such a long flight! I got back to the hotel and my roomie was there, yay!!! I told her I was going for a massage so she joined me and we ended up having a Thai massage in the same room... talk about bonding!! Ha. She’s pretty cool and we clicked straight away and now I can tell this trip is gonna be unbelievable and now made a little easier now I’m not on my own!!

After the massage, which btw was painful but insanely relaxing, we had a few hours shut eye before deciding to go and do a little sightseeing, as the Golden Buddha Temple was near by we went there and for 40 baht we were able to go in and look around, the architecture of this temple is so, so beautiful, I definitely say go visit if you’ve got time to kill in Bangkok! After some time with the Buddha we had a little walk and came across Thailand’s version of China Town before finding a little cafe type place to grab some food, it was a vegetarian cuisine so anything ‘meat’ that you ordered was tofu! We got steam noodles and sweet chilli chicken (tofu) it was actually soooo tasty! Perfect little find and introduction to Thai food! We then headed back to the hotel for a meeting with the rep and to meet all the other people on the same tour as us. We learnt about the next part of our trip and then Gemma and I decided to go to Khao San Road, Bangkok’s version of a strip! Ahah riddles with bars and stalls selling buckets and balloons not to mention copious amounts of henna tattoos, hair braids, bracelets and elephant trousers! It was brilliant. Then we headed back around half 11 to get some sort of sleep before setting off for Cambodia early in the morning!!!

So as for the first day of my 10 weeks adventure, it was pretty jam packed but just a taste for what’s to come! I hope you enjoy ready about my travels nearly as much as I enjoy living them 😍

 highway from airport to hotel, check the skyline  

highway from airport to hotel, check the skyline  


Hotel numero uno


Colourful buildings in Bangkok centre  


golden Buddha temple


The Golden Buddha


China Town


a pretty canal

 snacks snacks snack  

snacks snacks snack  

 our tofu meal

our tofu meal




Khao San Road


casual foot massage..